What ‘Innovation’ Means to Republicans

What the heck happened in Iowa? Democratic co-host Brandon
Hurlbut shares a first-hand account of the caucus reporting glitch
and top voter issues in the first state to hold a presidential
nominating contest. We look at where climate ranked.

Meanwhile in the capitol, House Democrats have unveiled draft
legislation and policy roadmap to reach net zero emissions by 2050.
Is this the kind of bold climate leadership that advocates have
been calling for? And are there proposals in the
CLEAN Future Act
that Republicans could back? Co-host Shane
Skelton argues that there are.

Not to be left out, House Republicans are floating their own
climate plan that focuses on planting trees, removing plastic
pollution and funding clean energy innovation. But is it the kind
of innovation that the planet needs or is it a smokescreen? A good
first step or pure optics?

We discuss what innovation means to Republicans and where
there’s common ground with Democrats on this week’s episode of

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What ‘Innovation’ Means to Republicans