Watt It Takes: Form Energy’s Mateo Jaramillo on His Mission to Build Long-Duration Batteries

This week on Watt It Takes: Powerhouse CEO Emily Kirsch sits
down with Mateo Jaramillo, the CEO and co-founder of Form

Form is working on a new kind of long-duration battery. And
Mateo has one of the longer-duration careers in the storage

In the early 2000s, he deployed the first behind-the-meter
systems in New York for demand response — seeing the grid
services potential well before anyone else.

Mateo went on to start the stationary energy storage unit at
Tesla, launching and building the Powerwall business. He also
helped launch the supercharger business. Today, he’s working on a
new electrochemical battery that could provide storage services for
days, not just hours. The idea is to unlock baseload

The chemistry was spun out of work from MIT researchers. It’s
being scaled by a group of engineers and entrepreneurs with deep
technical experience — and like Mateo, the bumps and bruises that
come from scaling an early market.

In this interview, Mateo talks about what it took to power
through the early days of battery storage, when everything sale and
installation was a battle. And he’ll talk about what it will take
to create Form’s new storage tech to unlock even more renewable

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Source: FS – GreenTech Media
Watt It Takes: Form Energy’s Mateo Jaramillo on His Mission to Build Long-Duration Batteries