This dynamic parking garage doubles as a public sculpture

In Denmark’s fourth-largest city of Aalborg, Copenhagen-based
architecture firm Sangberg has designed a
deceptively simple parking garage that offers much more than
parking spaces. Dubbed the Parking House G2, the monolithic
building features a dynamic and lightweight facade of extruded
aluminum slats that “animates itself” in different ways
depending on how and from where it’s viewed. The aluminum slats
of the playful graphic facade were also engineered with reusability in mind and to
encourage the growth of habitat for birds and insects. 

a white-silver rectangular building with a P on it, marking it as a parking structure. the building is surrounded by trees and grass. a road is in the forgeround

Located in a part of Aalborg that’s currently being
transformed from an industrial harbor to a new multi-use
neighborhood, the Parking House G2 references the industrial
heritage of its surroundings with its monolithic aluminum
construction, while injecting new life with its sculptural
appearance. “Whether you’re driving by in a car or you’re
passing by as a pedestrian, your experience will differ as the
facade animates itself in accordance to the speed travelled,” the
architects said on the Sangberg
. “The expression also changes whether it is viewed
nearby or far away, from straight on or from the side – and with
the light conditions and seasons.”

on the left an up-close view of the slats on the building's facade. on the right an image of intricate, crossing metal structures.

The building’s facade gets its dynamic characteristics from
the subtle variations in the profiles of the light gray aluminum
slats that surround the concrete frame like a piece of cloth. In
addition to creating a textural expression, the angled slats are
spaced apart to let natural light and
ventilation into the building. The facade also provides
opportunities for greenery to take hold, a feature that was
inspired by the master plan for the area that includes a green
buffer zone along Nyhavnsgade, a major thoroughfare near the

a night-time sideview of a silver, rectangular parking building

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Completed over two years, the 15,200-square-meter building
includes 590 parking spaces. The aluminum facade can be
easily disassembled and recycled for use in other building
projects. Its compact build, sustainable design, and its playful
facade earned the project an Aalborg Municipality building

+ Sangberg

Images by Ramus Hjortshøj – COAST Studio

Source: FS – All – Ecology – News 2
This dynamic parking garage doubles as a public sculpture