Studio NAB wants to boost urban biodiversity with an insect hotel at a bus stop

Waiting for the bus is usually a drag, but what if the
experience could instead become an opportunity to be closer to
nature? French design practice Studio NAB has
reinterpreted the humble bus stop as a hub for biodiversity that
offers a “hotel” for birds and insects of all varieties. Built
from recycled materials and topped with a vegetated green roof, the
proposed Hotel Bus Stop aims to promote the population of native
pollinating insects and reconnect people to nature.

rendering of bus stop with insect habitats built into walls

Studio NAB designed the Hotel Bus Stop to serve five purposes:
to promote the presence of pollinating insects; to bring adults and
children closer to nature and promote environmental awareness and
education; to showcase architecture constructed from recycled
such as wood, cardboard and stainless steel; to
introduce urban greenery and improve air quality with a vegetated
roof and exposed plant wall; and to create “green jobs” for
maintenance around the bus stops.

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rendering of bus stop with plant-covered walls and roof

“A broad scientific consensus now recognizes the role of man
in the decline of biomass and biodiversity in general and that of
insects in particular,” Studio NAB explained in a project
statement. “The use of pesticides in intensive agriculture, the
destruction of natural habitats, excessive urbanization, global warming and
various pollutions are at the origin of this hecatomb. Our hegemony
allied to our conscience obliges us today to fulfill a role of
‘guardian’ and to allow the ‘living’ to take its place in
order to fight against the erosion of our biodiversity.”

diagram of bus stop with plant-covered roof

Envisioned for city centers and “eco-neighborhoods,” The
Hotel Bus Stop would provide more habitats for pollinating
insects that are essential for our food system and gardens, from
fruit trees and vegetables to ornamental flowers. Auxiliary insects
would also benefit, such as lacewings and earwigs that feed on
aphids, a common garden pest. The underside of the bus stop roof
would include boxes to encourage nesting by various bird species
found throughout the city.

+ Studio NAB

Images via Studio NAB

Source: FS – All – Ecology – News 2
Studio NAB wants to boost urban biodiversity with an insect hotel at a bus stop