Solar-powered hotel on Grand Cayman features turtle-friendly lighting

Thankfully, the world is coming around to the fact that
eco-friendly travel doesn’t have to mean sacrificing comfort or
luxury. As one of Kimpton’s latest sustainable properties,
Kimpton’s Seafire
Resort + Spa
is leading the way for travelers who want to enjoy
gorgeous locations while doing their part to protect the
environment. Located on the beautiful Grand Cayman, the eco-resort
was built with several green features, including solar power, LED
lighting, recycled building materials, native plants and even
turtle-friendly lighting.

hotel with large pool surrounded by palm trees

Located on Grand Cayman’s Seven Mile Beach, the green hotel is the first of
the Kimpton hotels built beyond the continental U.S. Perched on a
slope overlooking the crystal-blue sea, the luxury property
features 264 guestrooms, three distinct dining destinations, an
8,500-square-foot spa and two seaside pools all surrounded by
gorgeous gardens.

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views from green-roofed bungalows

grounds of elegant hotel in sunny location

individual cabanas around a pool

Although the aesthetics and the amenities of the beautiful hotel
are sure to delight guests during their stay, it is really the
hotel’s sustainable profile that makes the property stand out.
While it is still considered a challenge to equip large hotel
properties with proper eco-friendly features, the Seafire Resort
manages to pack a punch when it comes to sustainability.

large hotel suite with white bed and small seating area

large luxurious balcony with ample red couches and chairs

In addition to using a 100,000-watt solar array to generate
electricity, the hotel was built with several eco-friendly
materials meant to reduce its impact. For example, guests walking
or riding along the eco-resort’s many biking and walking trails
will be happy to know that they are treading on a path made
entirely out of recycled glass,
which, according to the hotel, has diverted millions of glass
bottles from local landfills.

luxury hotel bar with candles on tables

wood tables and chairs on covered outdoor patio of hotel restaurant

Additionally, the ample green spaces were planted with
32,000 individual plants
, all native to the island and sourced
from a local nursery. The gardens are irrigated through the
hotel’s integral rainwater harvesting system. As part of its
dedication to local wildlife, the hotel also boasts turtle-friendly
lighting to prevent disrupting sea turtles’ journeys
from land to sea during nesting season.

outdoor dining area with seating looking out over the sea

covered outdoor patio with gray sofas and red chairs

The common areas and the guests rooms are all equipped with LED
lighting. Additionally, small but effective measures have been put
in place to help guests share in the responsibility of being more
Most of the guest rooms include private balconies, but as soon as
the doors are opened, the geothermal air conditioning automatically
shuts down, avoiding energy loss.

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Images via Kimpton Seafire Resort and Spa

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Solar-powered hotel on Grand Cayman features turtle-friendly