PIK Wizard – Fourteen of the World’s Top Photographers

PIK Wizard has posted a collection of fourteen of their favourite Nature Photographs. Included amongst the photographs is my own image of the back-lit Polar Bear from my winter expedition to Svalbard a couple of years ago. Its a great collection with some lovely photography – From their website:

Nature is inspiring. Plain and simple. There’s nothing better to instil a sense of the greater good, than seeing a breath-taking landscape.

This can happen in many ways, whether it’s a simple walk in the park or trekking halfway up a mountain, there is plenty of opportunities that produce awe inspiring moments. Sometimes when you’re not even looking for them and least expect it.

Perhaps it’s a red summer sky, or a crisp frosty morning in winter. Scraping the ice off your car isn’t so bad when it’s the first snow fall of the year and the snow is still fresh.

We wanted to create a post that allows our readers to sit back and truly be wowed by the power of nature, as capture in an image. We decided the best way to do this would be to contact some of the world’s top photographers and ask them to share their favourite nature images. Boy did they deliver.

In this post you’ll find some of the most awe inspiring images that truly capture natures beauty. Some of which took hours, even days of sitting and waiting to capture, others were taken when the perfect opportunity just happened to arise and the photographer scrambled to get their camera’s out in time to frame it, but they did.

Source: FS – Nature Photography
PIK Wizard – Fourteen of the World’s Top Photographers