Our Most-Read Research Spotlights From 2019

Which research-focused stories got the most traffic last year?
Below, a few pieces from 2019 that are worth catching up on.

The Energy Transition in 4 Charts
(August 2019)

In August, Wood Mackenzie released four charts summarizing the
global energy transition. The figures include carbon emissions
scenarios through 2040, plus annual solar, storage and wind
forecasts through 2025. It’s the story of the century: Little
evidence that the energy transition will move fast enough to stop
the most catastrophic impacts of climate change, despite dramatic
increases in wind, solar energy, and energy storage deployment
around the world.

4 Takeaways From Amazon’s Huge Electric Delivery Van Order

(September 2019)

Another popular research spotlight from 2019 was grid edge
research director Ben Kellison’s analysis of Amazon’s massive
electric vehicle (EV) order. The order of 100,000 electric delivery
vans was a milestone for the industry, larger than any other EV
purchase to date by a significant margin. “The Amazon-Rivian deal
will ripple through the electric vehicle and electric utility
industry, creating new urgency around questions for fleet owners,
utilities and regulator regarding the velocity of the energy
transition and the impact on the electric grid,” wrote

Global Energy Storage to Hit 158 Gigawatt-Hours by 2024, Led by US
and China
 (April 2019)

In Wood Macenzie’s first ever global energy storage market
report, analysts found that the global energy storage market will
hit 158 gigawatt-hours by 2024, which has since been updated. In
this piece analysts note that the maturing 2020-2024 storage market
will look very different from the emerging market of the 2010s, as
batteries sink further in price and new market and regulatory
structures open up additional revenue streams. Batteries will
become a key grid asset during the first half of the 2020s, and
long-duration projects will start to displace diesel, oil and
natural-gas plants.

US Surpasses 2 Million Solar Installations as Industry Looks to
‘Dominate’ the 2020s
 (May 2019)

It took 40 years to reach the first million solar installations
in the United States (1976-2016). Three years laters, WoodMac’s
solar analyst reported that the US had hit two million
installations. Solar Energy Industry Association (SEIA) President
and CEO Abigail Hopper noted that “rapid growth in the solar
industry has completely reshaped the energy conversation in this

WoodMac: Solar Plants Cheaper Than Natural Gas ‘Just About
Everywhere’ by 2023
 (May 2019)

The solar industry got more good news in May, when WoodMac
announced that it will be cheaper to build a solar plants than a
new combined-cycle gas plant almost anywhere in the world by 2023.
In the same article, solar analyst Tom Heggarty also noted that
though India and China did not install as much solar in 2018 as had
been expected, other markets, like Australia, Saudi Arabia and
Europe, saw meaningful growth.

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Our Most-Read Research Spotlights From 2019