Ochis Coffee releases a new line of sunglasses made from organic coffee grounds

It’s been almost a year since Ochis Coffee launched its first
eyewear collection, reached its Kickstarter goal and began
full-scale production. Now, it’s time for 2019 fashion updates
with a brand new line of sunglasses made from organic coffee grounds.

brown sunglasses on tan background with coffee spill

Inhabitat reported
on this Ukrainian optical company last year.
A brief overview: Max Gavrilenko, the mastermind behind Ochis
Coffee, found a way to compress organic coffee grounds into a
compound he calls “coffee cake,” which is then turned into

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two people wearing brown sunglasses

“My father owned an optical store and workshop, where I
studied glasses from my very childhood,” Gavrilenko said. “From
this, I saw a lot of glasses and wanted to create really
eco-friendly, comfortable and universal glasses that each person
can adjust to themselves.”

brown sunglasses on a bed of coffee beans

The company’s 2018 Kickstarter campaign was so successful that
Ochis Coffee is using the fundraising site again this year. For
2019, it is introducing two new frame shapes and two
new lenses, both of which provide UV and HEV protection or
polarization + UV filter.

hands putting together brown sunglasses

The lenses are made from recycled cotton.
Then, the team adds a UV filter to protect the eyes and a
hydrophobic coating to repel water and dirt. If you use Ochis
Coffee glasses while looking at your computer, the anti-reflective
coating and blue light-blocking features add further eye

hands painting brown sunglasses

Perhaps the most enticing part of these innovative sunglasses is that they
actually smell like a freshly brewed cup of Joe. The new styles are
attractive, too, with a modern Wayfarer shape as well as a trendy,
rounded option.

brown sunglasses on crumpled brown paper

Instead of eventually winding up in a landfill, Ochis Coffee
glasses will one day fertilize a garden. They take about 10 years
to break down; compared to plastic glasses, this is impressively
quick — about 100 times faster, according to the company.

Prices for the new styles will start at $79. Ochis Coffee aims
to raise $15,000 to fund the new eyewear line in this Kickstarter
round, which will begin late August 2019.

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Photography by Yaroslav Boychenko and Akim Karpach via Ochis

Source: FS – All – Ecology – News 2
Ochis Coffee releases a new line of sunglasses made from organic coffee grounds