#MyClimateQuestions: experts and youth leaders respond – live

This week, school students plan to go on strike in protest against inaction on climate change. Whether you approve of the strike or not, we welcome your questions, which will be answered here by climate experts and young campaigners

4.59am GMT

Our first question is from Robert Dawson.

What is clean coal? Does it exist?

In my opinion, ‘clean coal’ is not more real than ‘healthy cigarettes’. When politicians say ‘clean coal’ they typically mean one of two things:

1. A coal power station fitted with carbon capture and storage (CCS).

2. Coal power stations using higher temperature steam.

These are sometimes called “high efficiency, low emissions” or HELE power stations.

just a reminder that the “cleanest” coal is dirtier than diesel — and diesel is high emissions. pic.twitter.com/WSr8OmnCaZ

4.49am GMT

Before we begin, here are some thoughts from Greta Thunberg, a 15-year old from Sweden who leaves school every week to protest climate change.

I first learnt about climate change when I was eight years old. I learnt that this was something humans had created …

We are running out of time. Failure means disaster. The changes required are enormous and we must all contribute to the solutions, especially those of us in rich countries like Australia.

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Source: theguardian
#MyClimateQuestions: experts and youth leaders respond – live