Layoffs Surge in Clean Energy

A major analysis of unemployment in the clean energy sector is
showing steep job losses in April. According to E2 and BW Research,
nearly 600,000 jobs were shed in energy efficiency, manufacturing,
electric vehicles and clean power and fuels.

We’ve seen a 17 percent drop in the green workforce since the
start of the year. Those losses amount to double the employment
growth in clean energy for the last three years. 

It’s likely to get worse before it gets better. How much
should we worry? And what sectors will come back the fastest? We’ll
discuss on this week’s episode of The Energy Gang.

Then, later in the show: what do 200 of the world’s top
economic advisers think about the most effective low-carbon
solutions for economic recovery?

And finally, we’ll revisit wildfires. Why can’t California
utilities, especially northern giant PG&E, get it right when it
comes to fire prevention? 

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Source: FS – GreenTech Media
Layoffs Surge in Clean Energy