Infographic: Disaster preparedness essentials

Make sure you’re ready for 72 hours on your own, thanks to this disaster preparedness toolkit.


Preparing for the disaster

FEMA strongly urges homeowners to maintain an emergency kit with enough supplies to sustain them for up to 72 hours following a disaster. Assemble it well in advance of an emergency and store it in an easily accessible location.

Here are some basics that officials say every disaster kit should contain:

1. First aid kit

2. Water (1 gallon per person per day)

3. Knife

4. Multitool

5. Flashlight and  extra batteries

6. Matches in waterproof container

7. Can opener

8. Local maps

9. Carrying container (unused trashcan, backpack, duffel bag, rubbermaid-style bin)

10. Dust mask

11. Duct tape

12. Whistle

13. Garbage bags, ties and moist towelettes

14. Three-day supply of nonperishable food

15. Wrench or pliers

16. Plastic sheeting

17. Battery-powered or hand-cranked NOAA weather radio


By Paul F. P. Pogue


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