How Electricity Use Changes During a Pandemic

We are in the middle of a sudden, jarring economic
shift. Store fronts, sports arenas and office buildings are dark in
many cities. Homes are becoming the center of our activity ⁠—
and for many of us, our work.

That is causing sudden shifts in the way we consume energy.
We’ve seen it play out in China, France and Italy.

So what is happening to the daily shape of electricity
load here in the U.S.? And what are the long-term consequences to
power providers if this goes on for a long time?

Shayle Kann and Stephen Lacey talk with someone who
knows how to read a load curve: Nick Chaset. Nick is Chief
Executive Officer at East Bay Community Energy and on the board of
the California Community Choice Association. He’s worked as Chief
of Staff to the head of the California Public Utilities Commission
and was special advisor to Governor Jerry Brown on distributed
energy resources. 

Nick will share some data about his CCA’s changing
load curve. 

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Source: FS – GreenTech Media
How Electricity Use Changes During a Pandemic