Geothermal-powered bus station will use anti-smog blocks to fight pollution

The Polish city of Lublin will soon be home to an
environmentally friendly bus station that not only offers a new and
attractive public space, but also combats urban air pollution.
Designed by Polish architectural firm Tremend, the
Integrated Intermodal Metropolitan Station in Lublin will be built
near the train station and aims to revitalize the area around the
railway station. The contemporary design, combined with its
environmental focus and green features, earned the project a spot
on World Architecture Festival’s World Building of the Year

Located close to Folk Park, the Integrated Intermodal
Metropolitan Station was designed as a visual extension of the
neighboring green space with a lush roof garden and large green wall that wraps the
northern facade. Greenery is also referenced in the series of
sculptural tree-like pillars that support a massive flat roof with
large overhanging eaves. Walls of glass create an inviting and safe
atmosphere, while the administration rooms will be provided with
tinted windows for privacy. 

To reduce energy demands, the building will be heated with
geothermal energy and outfitted with energy-efficient
LEDs. Meanwhile, motion
detectors will be used to activate the lighting to ensure energy
savings. A rainwater collection and treatment system will also be
used to irrigate the plants that create a cooling microclimate and
improved air quality. Air quality is further improved with the use
of “anti-smog blocks,” a modern photocatalytic material
containing titanium dioxide that breaks down toxic fumes. 

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“Architecture of public places is evolving in my opinion in a
very good direction,” says Magdalena Federowicz-Boule, President
of the Tremend Board. “Combining different spaces, open shared
zones favors establishing contacts. The communication center, which
is to be built in Lublin, is to revive it for revitalization
district and become a meeting place where people will be able to
meet and spend together time in an attractive environment with
green areas. The project is also a response to problems, related to
environmental protection and city life, such as smog, water and energy consumption,
noise. It is an image of how we perceive the role of ecology in

+ Tremend

Source: FS – All – Ecology – News 2
Geothermal-powered bus station will use anti-smog blocks to fight pollution