Four standing desks for the modern office

Stand tall while you work.
Stand tall while you work. (Amazon/)

Standing while doing office work not only helps you burn calories while on the clock; it may also encourage you to move more throughout the day, leading to less back and joint pain associated with staying in one posture for 8 hours every day. Most standing desks are adjustable, so you have the option to switch between standing and sitting, should you feel tired or want to sit while eating lunch. While using a standing desk may make you literally stand out at first, chances are you will set a trend at your office. Here are our favorite standing desks available today.

Straightforward and automatic.
Straightforward and automatic. (Amazon/)

This 60 x 30-inch standing desk is spacious, classy, and easy to assemble. You can program three different height settings that it will remember, and you can switch between them with just the press of a button. The height adjusts via a quiet motor that will not disturb your coworkers as you shift from sitting to standing. The Vari has a small tray for cables at the back of the desk to keep your cables organized. It is made of steel and laminate and can hold up to 250 pounds. This product comes in five different colors.

Add a standing option to the desk you already have.
Add a standing option to the desk you already have. (Amazon/)

This 36 by 22-inch desktop can be added to any larger desk and is perfect for sprucing up a cubicle. It has a 25 by 10.5-inch tilting keyboard tray, making room for a spacious monitor set-up. You can adjust the height with an easy-to-use lever that can lift up to 33 pounds. There is very little set-up involved for this product, so you won’t have to radically reorganize your workspace to rejuvenate your workflow.

Sleek, simple, and automatically adjustable.
Sleek, simple, and automatically adjustable. (Amazon/)

This 48 by 24-inch motorized desk has a minimal look with subtle frills. The telescopic electric lift brings it from 28 inches at sitting position to 46 inches at standing, but you can save up to four custom height settings via its understated LED display. The desktop comes in several different types of wood, all of which come with industrial steel legs. The SHW also includes normal organizational features like grommets and a hanging basket to secure wires.

Work out while you work.
Work out while you work. (Amazon/)

If you want to burn calories while doing computer work, using a treadmill desk is a surefire way to do so. LifeSpan, a fitness company that primarily makes workout machines, has created a 68.5 by 28.5-inch treadmill attached to a 38 by 29-inch desktop. You can adjust the height of the desk between 52.5 and 32.5 inches to suit your height. The treadmill console tells you your distance traveled, calories burned, step count, and speed. Compared to average treadmills, this motor is extremely quiet and usable in a public environment. Sync your treadmill desk with the LifeSpan app on your smartphone to keep up with your stats.

Source: popsci
Four standing desks for the modern office