Flat-pack treehouse offers "extreme wilderness" glamping with a light footprint

cylindrical timber and aluminum treehouse

British company Tree Tents
has unveiled its most innovative and adaptable
glamping structure yet. Meet the Fuselage, a flat-pack treehouse that can be set
up almost anywhere, even on the most challenging terrain. Dubbed by
the firm as an “extreme wilderness cabin,” the cylindrical
dwelling takes inspiration from modern aerospace design for its
durable and lightweight structure.

cylindrical timber and aluminum treehouse in a forest

Designed with a triple-layer insulated skin, low-voltage radiant
heating and a micro wood stove, the solar-powered Fuselage
has been precision-engineered for thermal comfort in a wide variety
of climate conditions, including the wintry environment of Northern
Sweden, where one of Tree Tents’ first Fuselages was installed
just a few hundred miles below the Arctic Circle. “I designed the
Fuselage to access some pretty extreme environments — allowing
people to stay in these amazing locations with a structure that is
both lightweight in construction but as tough as old boots,”
Fuselage designer Jason Thawley said in a press release.

interior of treehouse with curved ceiling and person sitting at bench looking outside

benches and table near windows

To minimize the environmental impact of the Fuselage, the
structures are flat-pack and modular so that no heavy machinery is
required onsite for installation. Built from sustainably sourced
wood and recycled
, the units can be suspended from trees or mounted on
stilted feet without need for large foundations. The firm even uses
the waste from the manufacturing process to make camping
accessories, such as stools and rucksacks, as part of its
commitment to sustainable design.

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bed in timber-lined room

bed near windows with views of treetops

Assembled from a kit, the Fuselage features a fully insulated
wood-and-aluminum structural frame with an aluminum outer shell.
The interior, which measures 3 by 5 meters, includes quality marine
ply hardwood flooring and birch liner as well as a lockable
entrance door and double-glazed
. Each bespoke unit also comes with furnishings and can
be upgraded with different custom offerings. The base price for
Fuselage starts at £26,000 (about $33,672 USD), not including
valued-added tax or installation costs.


cylindrical timber and aluminum treehouse surrounded by trees

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Flat-pack treehouse offers "extreme wilderness" glamping with a light footprint