Exxon Is Losing the Energy Transition

What does it mean when the world’s largest generator of wind
and solar outpaces the most iconic oil company in market value?
We’re talking about NextEra Energy and ExxonMobil. What does the
flip tell us about the energy transition?

Plus, reporters at Bloomberg got their hands on documents that
show ExxonMobil plans to pretty significantly ramp up emissions in
the coming years. Is this the planet’s most recalcitrant

Then, the flattening of hydrocarbon growth will change global
political power. But do we really know how yet? We’ll discuss a
new piece from Jason Bordoff about the surprising geopolitics of

Lastly, a lot of manufacturing relies on very high heat. Are
there ways to reach those temperatures cleanly? We’ll look at
some new developments in the steel industry.

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Source: FS – GreenTech Media
Exxon Is Losing the Energy Transition