Educational center in Russia has a wind turbine and rooftop solar panels

Located in the Russian village of Khryug in southern Dagestan,
the Luminary Inspiration Center is a welcomed educational experience
in a small town of just 2,000 residents. The idea for an
interactive creative center was born thanks to a local charity
foundation, which delivered computers to the village schools in an
effort to bring the area up to national internet communication

castle-like school building next to black metal and glass building

The center has been open since mid-2018 and has always remained
free-of-charge for kids between the ages of 10 and 17. By 2020,
there were about 120 children regularly studying in the center,
half from Khryug and the rest from neighboring villages.

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black metal building with full-height glass panels

white and blue classroom with square windows

One of the most compelling aspects of Luminary is its
architecture, which is unlike anything else in the immediate
region. Most of the children who frequent the center have never
been outside of their villages, nor have they experienced anything
outside of their own neighborhood’s common architecture. Luminary
offers a chance for them to see mosaics of different styles and
epochs as well as the combination of the traditional architecture
of the area with contemporary
black metal and glass elements.

white classroom with wall of bookshelves

white classroom with computers on desks against each wall

The educational center is located within a 2,500-square-meter
property inside of an apple garden and includes a
lecture hall designed with panoramic glass walls and an outdoor
amphitheater for fresh-air learning during favorable weather.
Inside, there is a wide range of educational spaces including an
observatory, robotics and VR laboratories, a virtual planetarium, a
cinema, a library and an artistic workshop. A peaceful, modern
interior creates the perfect learning environment for studying and
creative thinking.

painting easels against windows

large room with several chairs in the center and walls made of glass

Sunlight-harvesting rooftop solar panels
assist with the frequent power outages, so if the internet is lost
at any time, it only takes 0.025 seconds for the solar battery to
kick in. A large wind turbine in the
garden powers the water fountain and provides a working example for
a favorite student project — assembling a working wind turbine
and solar power station in Luminary’s technological

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Photography by Alexei Kalabin via Archiproba Studios

castle-shaped building lit up at dusk

Source: FS – All – Ecology – News 2
Educational center in Russia has a wind turbine and rooftop
solar panels