Certified Passive House in New York generates all of its own energy

In New York’s Hudson Valley, a beautiful new beacon for
sustainable, net-zero design has taken root. New York-based
North River Architecture
& Planning
recently added another energy-efficient build to
its growing portfolio of environmentally friendly projects — the
Accord Passive House, a modern home that has not only achieved
but also boasts no net energy costs annually.

two tan chairs by massive glass windows

Located in the hamlet of Accord, the contemporary house is
sensitive to both the environment as well as the local culture and
history. The architects drew inspiration from the rural farm
buildings for the design of a gabled, barn-like house that
emphasizes connection with the outdoors and flexible living spaces
accommodating of the homeowners’ changing needs. As with
traditional farm buildings, the construction materials were
selected for longevity, durability and low-maintenance

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beige sofa and chairs in front of black wall art

kitchen with wood cabinets and wood dining table

Galvanized corrugated steel siding wraps the exterior, while a
trowel-finished concrete slab is used for the floor inside and is
visually tied to the xeriscaped pea gravel patio that requires no
irrigation. “Trim materials inside and out were chosen for their
adaptive reuse and low resource extraction properties, including
the use of engineered lumber for trim work, salvaged white oak
slats and carmelized cork throughout the project,” the firm
added. “The cork
was used inside and out for its sustainable harvest and broad
utility for acoustics, water resistance and insulation

small white dining table with two black chairs

small beige chair by a bed and a large window

Topped with a 9kW photovoltaic array, the impressive net-zero energy build
was also created to show how Passive House design can be beautiful,
resilient and comfortable without incurring sky-high costs. The
firm said it has achieved “a competitive price per square foot
relative to regional costs for this market niche.” During
construction, the architects hosted open-house learning events to
promote open-source sharing of energy-efficient design methods and
solutions with the local community.

+ North River
Architecture & Planning

Photography by Deborah DeGraffenreid via North River
Architecture & Planning

Source: FS – All – Ecology – News 2
Certified Passive House in New York generates all of its own energy