Batteries and Renewables Put the Pressure on Coal Plants

The Covid-caused economic crunch has been difficult
for both fossil resources and renewables. But there arepositive
developments in battery storage and renewable electricity
generation. We’ll discuss those trends on this week’s Energy Gang

First, we’ll look at the record-breaking activity in
battery storage.

A coal plant in North Dakota will be replaced in part
with a one-acre battery array from Form Energy that uses a new
technology capable of discharging for 150 hours – that’s more
than 30 times longer than lithium batteries. 

Hawaii’s electric utility just awarded contracts for
16 projects that add up to more than 3 gigawatt-hours of storage,
in order to replace an oil-fired and a coal-fired power plant. 

And in California, Southern California Edison signed
contracts for 770 megawatts of batteries, many paired with solar
projects, to replace gas plants. That’s 200 megawatts more than
the entire battery capacity installed in 2019.

Plus, in China, more hybrid wind/solar and battery
plants are starting to emerge. 

This led Dan Finn-Foley, Wood Mackenzie’s head of
energy storage, to declare: “The utility energy storage market is
blowing through milestones faster than we can report them.â€

Then, renewables are surging and coal is declining. A
new IEA report says that renewable generation will increase in
2020, pushing higher-cost fossil resources out of the market. “In
all regions that implemented lockdown measures, the electricity
supply underwent a notable shift towards low-carbon energy
sources,” concludes the IEA report.

Finally: presumptive presidential nominee Joe Biden
just unveiled a new climate task force. From the Sunrise Movement
to a former EPA chief, we’ll talk about who’s on it, and look
at their roles. What will this task force accomplish in terms of
agenda-setting and setting the political tone?

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Source: FS – GreenTech Media
Batteries and Renewables Put the Pressure on Coal