Anticipating the Economic Crisis: Why Everything Will Be Different

This week, we’re bringing The Interchange from our home
isolation, partially frozen in time.

We’re wondering how long things will be this way. How we will
work? How he will keep healthy? How we will run our companies? How
will we move forward? 

It can feel like each day those answers are only further away.
This week on the podcast, Shayle Kann and Stephen Lacey get real on
how the pandemic has changed their daily lives and their thinking
about covering the energy disruption in the months ahead.
Everything is different.

Will the current economic disruption lead to permanent changes
that lower carbon emissions? 

How does this economic disaster change the field for startups
and large companies in clean energy?

What numbers are we following that indicate bigger stories to

Mentioned on the show:

  • Kate
    : Workplace Analytics and Telecommuting 

  • Twitter:
     Infectious disease expert Laurie Garrett

  • NYT:
     Climate Change Has Lessons for Fighting Coronavirus,
    Somini Sengupta

  • IEA
    : Put clean energy at the heart of stimulus plans to counter
    the coronavirus crisis

  • Guardian:
     Financial Crises are Filtering Mechanisms for

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Anticipating the Economic Crisis: Why Everything Will Be Different