Amazon, Generac and Calibrant: Making Sense of Recent Distributed Energy Activity

Just as federal regulators in the U.S. are making batteries,
solar systems, electric cars, generators and other similar
resources more valuable in wholesale markets, we’re seeing a new
wave of business activity.

Wood Mackenzie predicts that U.S. distributed energy resource
capacity will reach�nearly
390 gigawatts by 2025
. And a lot of companies are getting in on
the action.

Amazon is jumping deeper into the smart-home game. Generac, one
of the top generator companies in the U.S., just made another
acquisition to help it manage batteries and pumps and motors and
possibly other clean energy resources. And Calibrant a new joint
venture between Siemens and MacQuarie Capital, is offering a range
of new distributed energy services.   

What do all these business moves mean for the future of this

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Source: FS – GreenTech Media
Amazon, Generac and Calibrant: Making Sense of Recent
Distributed Energy Activity