10 ideas for zero-waste gift wrapping

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Wrapping beautiful presents for the holidays can create a lot of
trash, thanks to all of the paper, bags, bows and ribbons. They may
look amazing sitting under your tree for a few days, but within
seconds of being opened, the garbage bags quickly fill up. Gift
wrapping is one of the most wasteful parts of the holiday season,
but it doesn’t have to be that way. You can actually wrap
beautiful presents without creating a ton of trash; you just have
to use the right materials. If you look around your house, keep
your eyes open at work, pull from the recycling bin, hit up a
thrift shop and visit your local craft store, you can find the
perfect items to wrap your presents in a zero-waste manner.

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Wrapping paper alternatives


The perfect idea for last-minute wrapping paper, newspaper is a
material that you can easily find in the recycling bin at home or
work. Use the comics section or advertising circulars to add a
little color, or stick with the traditional black and white print.
Either way, this option gives new life to a material that usually
finds its way to the trash just as quickly as store-bought wrapping
paper. You can also use magazines, old books, vintage maps or sheet
music to wrap your gifts. Upcycling paper for gift
wrapping is an idea that can’t go wrong.

Paper grocery bags

Another material that you will find in most recycling bins,
paper grocery bags give a little texture to your gift wrapping, and
this material can be easily dressed up with embellishments. Even if
there is a logo on the bag, you can still use it. Simply take an
old Christmas card and place it on the spot you want to cover.


With some sewing scraps, old button-down shirts, cloth napkins
or scarves from a thrift shop, you can make your gift wrapping
zero-waste by using fabric. There is actually
Japanese fabric wrapping technique
called furoshiki, which
embraces an eco-friendly philosophy by folding and tying cloth in a
unique way.

Butcher paper

White or brown butcher paper makes perfect wrapping paper
because you can easily make it jazzy or keep it plain. Plus, it is
never in short supply. You can find it in a recycling bin, or visit
your local craft store and find rolls for cheap.

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Mason jars

Instead of filling up a gift bag, consider using glass jars to “wrap” your
gift. You can dress up the jar with some old fabric or ribbon, and
the recipient can reuse the jar instead of tossing a bag in the


Most people won’t object to getting two presents in one,
especially when the bonus present is a soft, cuddly blanket. Place
your gift on a flat blanket, then tie all of the corners together
for a fun wrapping idea.

Flower seed paper

Try this unique alternative to traditional wrapping paper —
. This innovative gift wrap is made from post-consumer
materials and is completely biodegradable. The paper is embedded
with seeds, which sprout into flowers once the paper is

white box wrapped in twine with leafy plant

Ties and embellishments


Keep your tape use to a minimum by using twine or hemp to tie up your packages.
With a simple spool of string, you can tie up all of your presents
that you wrap in newspaper, paper grocery bags or butcher

Leather cord

This strong material can easily tie up your gifts, and you can
find rolls and rolls of it for just a few bucks. Leather cord also
comes in a variety of colors, so it will easily dress up plain

Fabric scraps

If you have pieces of fabric that aren’t large enough to wrap
an entire gift, you can use those pieces to decorate a plain
package or jar. Cutting up some long, narrow strips of fabric is an
easy solution for jazzing up gifts, and it keeps your gift wrapping
to zero-waste.

Old jewelry

are loaded with brooches and bracelets that you can buy
with the change in the bottom of your purse. There are many
beautiful jewelry options that you can use to add some sparkle to
your gift wrapping when you tie them with fabric scraps or cloth

Cinnamon sticks

This option is beautiful, smells amazing and is also
compostable. Simply tie some cinnamon sticks with string — and
add a little greenery like pine needles or fresh herbs — to give
your gifts an extra dose of holiday cheer.

Natural elements

Find fallen leafy branches from evergreen trees, pinecones,
winter berries or twigs to adorn your packages. Simply tie them
into place with twine, hemp, leather cords or fabric scraps for an
impressive, thoughtful touch.

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10 ideas for zero-waste gift wrapping